How to Make Ginger Shot With Juicer [Complete Tips]

Ginger is a popular ingredient in many delicious drinks. The root of the ginger plant contains a spicy, peppery flavor that you can find in everything from tea to ginger ale. Ginger shots are a popular drink that many people enjoy to start their day off on a good note. As a result, juicers have been created for this specific purpose. Juicers allow you to make ginger shots by using fresh ginger juice to create a healthy drink that you can enjoy at any time of the day. In this article, we will share how to make ginger shot with juicer!

The procedure of how to make ginger shot with juicer

There are many different ways to make a ginger shot. A juicer is the most common form of making the drink with ginger. The procedure for making ginger shot with a juicer is effortless & we will discuss below:

1. Wash the ginger root

No one wants to drink dirt diluted juice, so it is vital to wash the ginger root before juicing. You should wash ginger root well before adding it to the juicer because ginger grows in the soil. So it contains a lot of dirt and mud. Cleanly scrub the ginger root with a vegetable brush before juicing it. It will remove dirt and excess pesticides and allow for a more flavorful and healthy juice.

2. Peel the ginger root

Peeling the ginger root before juicing has been a standard recommendation. However, it’s time to reassess if this is still an important step. Many people find it easier to extract juice from a good-sized piece of ginger root. I would always suggest that you remove the ginger skin before juicing. Peeling the ginger root with a vegetable peeler is a quick and easy way to remove the skin.

peel ginger root
Peel the ginger root

3. Cut into smaller segments

Juicing ginger is a great way to add zing to many dishes, but it gets stuck in the juicer and can clog the blades. Cut ginger into smaller pieces before attempting to juice it. The smaller segments will have a smoother surface to avoid getting stuck in the juicer or clogging the blades.

Cut ginger into small pieces can often be more effective than juicing it whole, as some consumers may find the taste too strong. When juicing, you should cut ginger into small pieces to release its flavorful oils and juices. Whole ginger may not release all of its flavors, so smaller pieces are essential to provide the desired taste.

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4. Put into the juicer

Now you need to put small pieces of ginger inside the juicer. Open the juicer lid and add some amount of ginger piece. Remember that ginger should not be filled in the juicer so that ginger juice may overflow from the top of the juicer while rotating the blade. You can add some water if you want. If you’re going to drink thick ginger juice, do not mix water. You can mix ginger juice with lemon and honey to make it tastier.

5. Push down on the juicer, extracting the juice from the ginger root. 

Now you need to push the ginger inside the juicer. If you push, the ginger will be extracted well by the juicer’s blade so that you will get pure juice. In masticating juicer you can extract the whole liquid. This type of juicer has a slightly longer tube at the top. Insert the ginger into the tube and push with a plunger/pusher. It will make the whole part of your ginger contact the blade and help get the entire juice out.

6. Store the ginger juice in a bottle or jar

Collect the ginger juice in a jar or bottle after extracting the full ginger juice. If you want, you can store the collected liquid in the fridge. You should avoid the storage of plastic bottles. Because plastic bottles contain Bisphenol toxic, it’s a severe health risk. So I would recommend Brieftons Glass Bottles for storing your juice perfectly. You can keep juice without any worries because it is made of glass, durable and has no chemical contact.

storing ginger juice in bottles
storing ginger juice in bottles

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Some health benefits of ginger juice

According to studies, the benefits of ginger juice are long-lasting. Ginger is an age-old remedy for everything from stomach aches to arthritis. Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can help fight chronic pain and soreness. Drinking ginger juice will not only reduce inflammation throughout your body but also leave you feeling happy, calm, and energized! Here are some more benefits regarding ginger juice:

  1. Ginger juice is a beneficial and healthy addition to one’s diet, providing various benefits.
  2. Ginger juice is an excellent means of providing a warm, spicy, refreshing beverage. It eliminates your physical fatigue.
  3. The ginger juice can be made fresh and used daily. It helps to make up for your deficiency of vitamins B3, B6 and Vitamin C.
  4. When made into ginger shots, the ginger juice is preserved and can also be used as an energy booster.
  5. Ginger juice can be used as a natural remedy for colds, fever, flu and digestive problems.
  6. You can mix ginger juice with lemon and honey to make it more delicious. It helps to increase appetite.
  7. Many people make ginger tea to help with digestion. Ginger tea is particularly beneficial for those suffering from digestive problems due to its high levels of anti-inflammatory compounds. 
  8. Ginger juice is excellent for pregnant women due to the high levels of folic acid. 
  9. Ginger juice is considered an excellent natural remedy for hangovers. It can also be used when one is suffering from a headache. 
  10. It can be used as an alternative to cough syrup.
  11. Ginger juice is considered an excellent remedy for sore throats. 
  12. Ginger juice is also believed to help with one’s menstrual cycle. 
  13. This juice can also be used as a pick-me-up when tired. 
  14. Drinking a small amount of ginger juice works great to prevent acidity.


Ginger shots are a great way to give your metabolism a boost. These shots are also a natural remedy for nausea and motion sickness. Ginger shots help detoxify the liver and kidneys and regulate bowel movement. Ginger juice is also an excellent option for anyone who wants a refreshing and healthy drink that they can make easily! To start, gather the ingredients you will need, including ginger, lemon juice, honey, and apple cider vinegar. After gathering those ingredients, all you need is a juicer! This article shows you how to make a Ginger Shot using a juicer. 

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